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Holiday funds: cash
Holiday funds: Cash
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Holiday funds: Cash

How much cash should you take with you: this depends on the type of travel. In case of an all-inclusive holiday package you certainly do not need much money.

BUT ATTENTION: What if you have a medical problem? You have insurance! Yes, but the costs for ambulatory treatment are generally advanced by the traveler and later reimbursed by the insurance company after presentation of the payment documents. This means, in a medical case you may quickly need more cash and therefore you should ALWAYS have enough cash with you!

You should find out whether the holiday destination is bound to a particular currency. There are euro countries, but there are also many US dollar bound territories like most Caribbean destinations. For those destination you should get US dollar bills from a bank in advance and take them with you as an emergency reserve. In addition, you may convert some money into the local currency in the holiday destination.

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