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Holiday funds - general information
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Holiday funds - general information

If you are a foreigner, you should acquire advance information about some things, for example, about what currency is used in a particular country.

Trip, Chil and Kis inform you about the currency of your holiday destination in the particular Tripchilkis country profile!

Select your holiday destination on Tripchilkis Home and find the country description under the Tripchilkis Travel Info.

The recommendation by Tripchilkis:
Always take at least 3 different payment instruments with you:

·         cash in US dollar or Euro bills (depending on the destination);

·         ATM card and/or credit card;

·         at least 2 travel checks.

Important Tripchilkis hint: Never forget the emergency numbers of banks or credit card companies to lock cards or get help!

Tripchilkis cooperates with leading banks and credit card companies which can provide advice and support on money matters related to travel. Contact the financial company near you on Tripchilkis.

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