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WINNER of the TRIPCHILKIS school competition 2019
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You were all great!

The team of TRIPCHILKIS thanks you all for the great participation to the TRIPCHILKIS school competition 2019.

We especially congratulate to the classes, who have written really excellent routes!

TRIP, KIS and me, we were really keen on the routes you have made, on what you have written, on the details you have inserted and on the picutures you have postet - really fantastic!

For that we send you a great virtual applause!

Unfortuantely only one can win and we are proud to present you
the winner of the TRIPCHILKIS school competition 2019


with the route: Eine Reise voller Erlebnisse an der Westküste Amerikas

Here you can check the leaderboard - only one click!

Good luck with the Travel Voucher valued € 2000,00!

I wish you a fantastic travel and IMPORTANT Winners:
you have to write your travel impressions within a travel route on TRIPCHILKIS and share it with all the other TRIPCHILKERS

GOOD LUCK and a lot of FUN in the future with TRIPCHILKIS

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